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Watch this Video!

Here are the steps from the video in text form:

Step 1: Watch the video to make sure, all the following steps are easy to fulfill for you. 

Step 2: Read all the informations provided on this page about your commissions and why you need to register a Digistore24 account to start earning money.

Step 3: Click on the link to Digistore24, register your account (if you haven’t one yet), afterwards come back to this page.

Step 4: Click on the link to register as an affiliate of ATRICA. Normally you will be automatically granted as an affiliate, but it may be necessary to login into you Digistore24 account.

Step 5: Send an email to xyz@smarttools24.eu, with you Digistore24 ID. We will send you within 24 hours an email with your sales links, access to our partnerzone and next steps. 

Your Remuneration

Yearly earning potential for each initial

and renewal license: USD 1,700

Selling a 6 month ATRICA license: You will earn you commission splitted in 5 payments (each 340 USD) between the 2nd and 6th month. The first month no commission will be paid out due to license and staff cost.

Every licence renewal will be paid out in 12 payments, due to the monthly subscription model of the customer. Each payment will be 141 USD.

Selling a 12 month ATRICA license: You will earn your 1,700 USD commission in one payment with the first month.

Every commission of the license renewal will be paid out in the first month.

Finish now setting up your Digistore24

account and register as an affiliate

Link 1

Link 2

Don’t forget to send us an Email  to

XYZ@smarttools24.eu with your Digistore24 ID! 


Afterwards we will send you an Email with all the details

and login informations for your ATRICA Partner Program