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Welcome to ATRICA Software, a world-first AI software for SEO that can get a website/e-commerce store on Page 1 of Google Search within 3-6 months, and keep it there.

You’re here because you want to use your sales skills to sell this new AI product and earn USD 1 700 per sale.

Watch the 4 videos below to find out how you can join the ATRICA Global Sales Team and profit handsomely from shaping the Future of SEO with us.

An Introduction

Every competitive business operating online today needs excellent SEO to get their website/e-commerce store on top of Google organic search.

But, with 90% of web pages getting zero organic search traffic from Google (Ahrefs data), it’s clear most businesses don’t have the expertise, budget or time for SEO.

That’s where ATRICA comes in. With little to no human intervention, ATRICA uses keyword-based AI to turbo-boost a website’s Google ranking. And it does this at a fraction of the price of traditional SEO services.

Watch the video for more on why ATRICA is a game-changer for customers and for you, the salesperson.

Introduction To ATRICA

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Excited about ATRICA now? Good! Now watch the 3 videos below to find out what you stand to earn, how we support Sales Partners and how to sign up.

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Video 1:

A Sales Partner’s Story

Video 2:

How We Support Sales Partners

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Video 3:

How To Sign Up

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