• Costs up to 90% less than traditional SEO.
• Direct interface with Google’s search engine ensures faster response and high ranking stability.
• Direct interface makes ATRICA resistant to Google’s search engine algorithm changes.
• ATRICA is on the job 24/7, 365-days-a-year, ensuring no search algorithm change or update is ever missed.
• Able to produce around 60,000 new Rank Up Keywords (RuKs) [Link to FAQ on RuK] in just a few months.
• Assigns strong industry-specific keywords.
• Website content does not have to be keyword-loaded, as the software runs keywords separately from content.
• Optimization runs in ATRICA’s back-end and is not visible to the user – there is no need to change or take down the website at any time.

Traditional SEO has to wait for Google’s search engine spiders to crawl the website to find new keywords and make these visible for ranking. ATRICA runs on a world-first technical ranking algorithm software that makes keywords instantly visible.

In layman’s terms: Traditional SEO will add the keywords and then wait for Google’s spiders to find the new keywords and update the site’s ranking accordingly. ATRICA doesn’t wait for Google’s spyders to find the keywords; it makes the new keywords instantly visible so that Google’s search engine immediately knows your website is better optimized and ranks it accordingly. This results in better, faster and more stable search ranking.

No, there is no dashboard. Nor is there any need to ‘use’ ATRICA, as it is automated AI software that works on your website’s back-end.


Once ATRICA is linked to your website, the only manual action you need take is to upload the initial Orientation Keywords and update/substitute these as and when ATRICA recommends. You will be able to track your website’s SEO ranking via reports sent direct to you via email.

No. There are 2 payment options: full payment for a 12-month ATRICA license or a 7-month payment plan. Please see payment option details here .

No. We offer verifiable case studies as proof of ATRICA’s superior SEO capabilities.


We also provide a free technical assessment of your website in order to ensure there are no major technical errors that could impede ATRICA’s performance.

Our IT department will advise of any website errors in a detailed report. Should you have any queries or need help resolving issues, we’re always here to assist.


You will receive a welcome email with full details of the steps to get started, including an invitation to schedule a video call with a Customer Success Manager. This call will be a pre-meeting to the onboarding process.

The process whereby a Customer Success Manager guides you through selecting Orientation Keywords, running a technical analysis of your website and any troubleshooting that may come up. This is all in preparation for ATRICA to be linked to your website.

Between 1 to 2 weeks.

You simply need to upload 250 Orientation Keywords to one of your website’s static pages (i.e. the Terms and Conditions page or any other page that has a fixed URL and content) to link up ATRICA.

Our IT department then runs a technical analysis of your website to ensure there are no major issues that could hinder ATRICA’s performance. If there are no major issues, we register your website and the selected Orientation Keywords on ATRICA’s back-end and the AI starts making these keywords visible to Google’s search engine immediately .

That’s it. No back-end or front-end changes or plug-ins required.

Should our IT department pick up any issues during their technical analysis of your website, a full report will be sent to you.

If there are any major technical issues that could impede ATRICA’s performance, we strongly recommended these are resolved in order for ATRICA to perform optimally. Should you not resolve these issues, we cannot guarantee that ATRICA will work optimally. Should you have any queries or need help resolving issues, we are always here to assist.

No. The only manual action you need to take is to upload the 250 Orientation Keywords to one of your static pages (i.e. Terms and Conditions page).

No. The process to link ATRICA to your website is seamless and will not affect your website’s back- or front-end or general functionality whatsoever. Your website will remain live throughout and the link-up process will be entirely unnoticeable to users.


The short answer: a website’s foundation for top-ranking SEO – or the most important keywords based on your business’ location, industry, sector, target audience, etc.

The long answer: Like all AI, ATRICA needs initial intelligence to work with in order to improve on its own intelligence. For ATRICA, that initial intelligence is the Orientation Keywords. When these Orientation Keywords are inputted into ATRICA they are instantly visible to Google’s search spiders, which will immediately rank your website accordingly. ATRICA then monitors the Orientation Keywords’ performance and starts to generate related top-performing keywords to improve your SEO ranking. These are called Rank Up Keywords (RuK).

For example, if one of your Orientation Keywords is ‘investment’, ATRICA will use this keyword as a springboard to find the top-performing investment-related keywords.
Think of it this way: if SEO is a house you’re building, Orientation Keywords are the foundation. When you lay down those building blocks ATRICA knows what shape and style you want your dream home to take. ATRICA then goes out and brings back the perfect bricks to build your dream home with.

It is preferable that you provide 250 Orientation Keywords based on your website’s previous top-performing keywords.
However, if you are unable to provide the keywords, we can run an analysis of the top 250 seed and longtail keywords for your site at no extra cost.

We strongly recommend a minimum of 250 Orientation Keywords, as tests have shown this produces the best results.

Quite simply: the more Orientation Keywords ATRICA has to work with from the get-go, the better the AI performs.

Should you struggle to find 250 Keywords, we will help compile these at no extra cost.

The initial 250 Orientation Keywords need to be uploaded onto a static page of your website (i.e. a page where the URL and content do not change, such as your Terms & Conditions page). The keywords need to be visible and each separated by a comma.

Yes. You may use small font and place Orientation Keywords in a place on the page that does not receive a lot of traffic, but all Orientation Keywords need to be visible on the front-end at all times in order for ATRICA to work optimally.

Our IT department will run a technical analysis of your website to ensure it’s optimized to run ATRICA. A full report will be sent to you, including warnings or major issues should any be found. We highly recommend that you resolve all major issues, so that ATRICA can perform optimally. Should you have any queries or need help resolving issues, we are standing by to assist.

Yes, but only occasionally (every few months).

This is because ATRICA will constantly monitor the performance of your OTKs, zoning in on the top performers and identifying the poor performers that should then be deleted/replaced.

However, because it takes several weeks for a OTK to gain ranking it is important not to change OTKs too frequently. Our IT department will advise via your monthly report which OTKs should be deleted/replaced and when this should be done.

You are, as we do not have access to your website to do so. ATRICA will generate suggestions for newer, better or trending Orientation Keywords. These will be provided in your monthly report and our IT department will advise when to upload new Orientation Keywords.

You will need to remove them, as ATRICA does not have access to your website to do so.

Our IT Department will send details of poor performing Orientation Keywords to delete along with suggestions of new, better or trending Orientation Keywords to replace these with. It is then up to you to make the changes.

These are the keywords ATRICA generates based on your Orientation Keywords. As their name suggests, these keywords up your website’s SEO ranking.

ATRICA generates RuKs by monitoring search behaviour on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and, importantly, monitoring your competitors’ results. By generating thousands of RuKs on top of your Orientation Keywords, ATRICA begins covering all searches related to your business. This, in turn, progressively pushes your website onto Page 1 of Google search for all top-performing keyword searches.

For example, if one of your 250 Orientation Keywords is “gym”, ATRICA may start generating RuKs such as “nearby gym” and “health and fitness”, and on and on…

Nowhere. RuKs are automatically generated by ATRICA and put to work on your website’s back-end. You don’t have to do a thing.

No. RuKs work purely on the back-end and do not need to be manually inputted or visible on the front-end of the website.

Yes. Using the 250 Orientation Keywords as a baseline, ATRICA will continually generate top related RuKs. The longer ATRICA is on the job, the better it gets at generating top RuKs.

The ID is a code included in the metadata of a keyword. When crawling the website, it is easier for Google’s search engine spiders to identify the keyword and its location on your website with this ID.


ATRICA works with all common CMS’, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., as well as with Template-based CMS, such as Wix, Shopify and WooCommerce.
However, ATRICA does not work with every template-based CMS. Our IT department would need to assess whether ATRICA could work optimally and without restrictions on less common template based CMS’.

We provide a free technical analysis of your website to check compatibility. Our IT department will also check for any technical issues that could impede ATRICA’s performance.

Should any issues be found, our IT department will alert you to this in a detailed report.

We highly recommend that you resolve any flagged technical issues in order for ATRICA to perform optimally. Should you not resolve these issues, we cannot guarantee that ATRICA will work optimally.
Should you have any queries or need help resolving issues, we are always here to assist.


Your ranking will start to decline after approximately 2 months. This is because top-ranking keywords will not be consistently updated and made instantly visible to Google’s search algorithm.

Put simply: Google’s search spiders won’t crawl through your website as often and pick up the newest and/or best keywords instantly. As a result, your website will be mostly ‘ignored’ by the spiders and your ranking will start to drop.

We will send you an email via one of our Customer Success Managers.

As ATRICA takes a few weeks to ‘kick-in’ while it calibrates to your website, you will receive your first report after Week 9. Thereafter you will receive monthly reports.

Case studies show results after 4 weeks, however this can differ depending on the website’s initial ranking and various other factors.

We do not promise an overnight miracle – but we do promise you will see results within 3 to 6 months provided your website is optimized and the software is used as prescribed.


Yes. You need to add fresh content at least once a month, whether in the form of a blog, new offer, additional info or simply changing a few sentences to existing content. This is to ensure Google’s spiders do not overlook your website due to content being dormant.

Aside from adding fresh content once a month, you do not need to do anything else. However, it is always advisable to follow best SEO practice, such as back-linking and adding high-performing content like video, to further enhance your website’s SEO.

Not yet. Currently we are only able to optimize search engine-based social media channels such as YouTube. If you would like us to do so, simply provide the relevant Orientation Keywords and your YouTube account will be linked to ATRICA and optimized.

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