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ATRICA is rapidly shaping the future of SEO as businesses
across the globe change over to this pioneering AI software.

This rapid uptake is twinned by a growth
in sales partners across the globe.

Partner With Us, Profit With Us

There are ATRICA sales partners in the EU, USA, Asia Pacific and Africa. And soon there will be ATRICA sales partners for every flag in the world.

The demand is so great that we are constantly expanding our global sales partnership team, which includes sales professionals of all levels as well as established agencies:

Business Development Associates

Full- or part-time senior sales leaders with experience managing
multiple teams, innovating, strategizing, and delivering results.

Independent Sales Partners

Mid to senior independent sales experts with the ability to speak with decision makers and close sales in B2B markets.

Sales/Telemarketing Agencies

Established sales agencies with a team of seasoned salespeople who know how to prospect and close within the B2B market.

Digital Agencies

Sales & Marketing, SEO and web development agencies that want to outpace the competition by offering their clients a unique, top-performing SEO service.

The market is wide open. The opportunities are limitless.

How We Support Sales Partners

In addition to full technical support, we offer customised sales and marketing support to sales partners to ensure mutual success. This includes:

• A comprehensive sales and marketing toolbox that includes marketing materials, social media assets and case studies, as well as a set onboarding process.

• Professional sales pitches for various industry sectors.

• Customised sales pitches that can be requested for any specific sales funnel you create.

• A ROI calculator that demonstrates ATRICA’s return of investment over a 12-month period for the customer’s individual business.

• After-sales tech support by our head office team based in Germany.

• An secure digital payment system, provided by Digistore24, which tracks your sales funnels and payments in real-time.

• Leads via Facebook and VENATRIX, our advanced software designed to track down specific leads in LinkedIn.

All sales partners work exclusively on commission, while being fully supported by ATRICA’s head office team. All sales partners receive an above-average remuneration.

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