ATRICA’s Superpower: Keywords

In the modern world keywords have become the ultimate tool in finding information quickly and efficiently. Think about it: keywords drive everything from digital dating compatibility to Wikipedia searches to how people search for things they want to buy. Open the browser and type in four or five words to start searching for an item or information and half a second later, a page of options appears. But when was the last time you clicked to Page 2 of the listings? Can’t remember?

If your business doesn’t appear on Page 1 of a Google search listing 9 out of 10 people will not bother clicking through to Page 2. Nine potential site visitors would prefer to refine their search terms until something on Page 1 appeals to them. Why? One answer is that there is an underlying perception that if a business is not on Page 1, it’s probably not that great a business. Ouch.

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We know that is not true. There are plenty of high-quality, good value, amazing businesses that aren’t on Page 1, but unfortunately the contemporary consumer is not going to go and dig those businesses out of the vastness of the Internet. For a consumer to find a producer, and vice versa, a global game of keyword Uno is constantly on the go. There needs to be matching cards in place to be able to interact. This is where ATRICA’s superpower comes in – ATRICA has a handle on keywords that no other Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) software can offer.

ATRICA works with businesses to identify 250 relevant Orientation Keywords (OTKs) that are the building blocks for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. As a micro, small or medium-sized business owner battling the frustrating world of SEO, you may think of keywords as individual words that the ‘How-To’ blogs or your local SEO guy says it’s necessary to stick into the backend of your website and then, painfully, change all the time. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong ¬– that is one of the pain-points of traditional SEO. With ATRICA, however, keywords are more like seeds that are planted, which the ATRICA algorithm then germinate to sprout Rank-up Keywords (RuKs), which are both seed and long-tail (short phrases). You, the website owner, only have to plant the seeds – ATRICA does all the rest.

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A practical example would be a business that supplies goods for baking bread at home. OTKs would include “sourdough”, “starter”, “flour”, whereas RuKs would “best sourdough starter kit” or “full-proof sourdough bread”. Searches are often short five or six-word phrases, not just single words. The SEO keywords one can practically apply within a website have limitations, whereas because ATRICA acts independently of the website it does not have these limitations. There are very few boundaries for what ATRICA can achieve in terms of keywords.

Ultimately, it’s human intelligence that comes up with the initial 250 OTKs, but it’s ATRICA’s AI that ventures out into the badlands to generate up to 60 000 RuKs. Consider how long it takes to think of 250 unique OTKs, and then multiply that by 250 – that’s the absolute minimum time it would take a human to come up with 60 000 RuKs – if that human didn’t need to sleep, eat, or have any semblance of a normal life. The AI on the other hand works 24/7, 365 to keep on top of the ever-fluctuating tide of top searches related to your business, adding and deleting RuKs as trends alter.

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An important element of ATRICA’s keyword power is the routine identification of which OTKs are not ringing bells anymore with consumers. There is zero point in keeping those words embedded in a site if they are no longer relevant. ATRICA assists clients in removing the under-performers every few months, replacing these with up-to-date OTKs which in turn will stimulate new RuKs. This stabilizes the SEO on websites, which results in more traffic that ultimately provides more opportunities to convert site visits into sales.

At the end of the day, that is what investing in SEO is about – making sure that businesses stay profitable to support the livelihoods of the people and families behind the businesses. Web spiders do not care if a website they are crawling belongs to a huge multinational company or a brand-new small business supporting a few people, they are looking for data to index – and to succeed the right data needs to be there. But with the power of ATRICA, any business can swing a bat successfully against the big guys. With ATRICA’s keyword superpowers, your business will succeed in ranking on Page 1 of Google.

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