Introducing ATRICA, the world’s first and only Technical Ranking
Algorithm software driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Get your website onto Page 1 of Google. And keep it there.
With hardly any human input and at radically less cost than traditional SEO services.

In 1980, when 3D printing as we know it began, no one could have imagined that we would one day be able to print houses, car parts, bridges and even human organs.


Before 1998 we had no idea that a company with a made-up name with bright children’s colours in its logo would be the go-to source of information for people in every corner of the globe.

Pre-2019 no one had heard of blockchain, yet today it’s used worldwide for decentralized cryptocurrencies.


Before September 2020 nobody could have predicted that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software would be able to do the work of an SEO team faster, better and at fraction of the cost. Nobody, except the developer of ATRICA.

ATRICA is AI driven software designed to monitor and auto-respond to the ever-changing technical ranking factors of Google’s search algorithm. 


That means if Google changes – or even slightly adapts – one of its 200-plus ranking factors, ATRICA knows about it instantly.

Say hello to the future of SEO. Say hello to ATRICA.

No SEO. No Business.

Having a strong online presence backed by killer SEO has long been important for any serious business.


At a time when much of the world has been forced inside and online, it’s never been more important.


Google now accounts for more than 79% of total desktop search traffic.


That amounts to:

63,000 searches per second.
4 million searches per minute.
5.5 billion searches every day.
2 trillion searches a year.


Like it or not, Google is still The Search Engine King, which means getting onto Page 1 is crucial for your business’ success.


Bottom line: Without superior SEO pushing your website to the top of Google’s search pages, your business is practically invisible online.

Consider the latest (2020/2021) stats:


92% of all this traffic goes to Page 1 of Google Search. This means every time your business drops down to page 2 or 3 of Google, you’ve lost 9 out of 10 users.


Page 1 results get an average 34% Click Through Rate (CTR) – or more than one-third of all users.


75% of users will not scroll past Page 1 – the lower your ranking, the lower your CTR.


SEO is 5.66 times more effective than paid search advertising (70% of clicks in Google search results go to organic, with only 30% going to Google Ads).


61% of marketers remain convinced SEO is still the key to online success.


Businesses are investing an average of 41% of their marketing budget on SEO, and this percentage is expected to grow to more than 45% in 2021.


Sources: Safari Digital: SEO Stats & Facts for 2021; Business Insider; Deloitte Trend Report 2021.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Whether your business goes direct to the consumer or B2B, or whether you’re in products or services, your business needs excellent SEO.


The challenge is trying to stay on top of the search game. That means getting your business on Page 1 of Google search, and keeping it there.


Google’s search algorithm now uses more than 200 factors to rank websites and they guard these ever-changing factors more heavily than the Crown Jewels.

Trying to keep up – let alone stay ahead of the pack – is exhausting, time consuming, labour intensive and expensive.


And no matter how hard you try, how long you spend, or how much money you throw at it, you’ll never crack Google’s code. Because, after all, you’re only human…


That’s where ATRICA comes in.

Why ATRICA is the Future

ATRICA was developed by a German IT company and is:


A software designed to monitor and auto-respond to the ever-changing technical ranking factors of Google’s search algorithm. That means if Google changes – or even slightly adapts – one of its 200-plus ranking factors, ATRICA knows about it instantly.


But monitoring changes is fruitless if you don’t act on it, and quick. ATRICA’s direct interface to Google allows for a constant exchange of information, which in turn enables our AI to adapt your SEO’s back-end to Google’s changes in real-time.

Aside from adding fresh content to your site regularly (once a month), the only manual interaction you need is to input the trending keywords that ATRICA trawls the web to bring back to you.


The rest ATRICA does automatically, with no human intervention required.


This applies to all Google’s search formats :


1. Desktop and mobile search

2. Voice Search ( accounts for 50% of all search)

3. GoogleAds

4. Social Media

The Keyword Game-Changer

Traditional SEO cannot make keywords proactive visible to Google’s spyders for immediate ranking. This means that, even if you have the top keywords, your website’s ranking will be unstable.

ATRICA makes keywords visible for immediate ranking. This means keywords are picked up straight away and your website’s ranking is stable and immune to Google updates.

It’s the ultimate SEO game-changer.

ATRICA never misses a thing. And it does all this in
realtime. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



ATRICA Software

Traditional SEO

Software controlled by integrated AI



Original unparalleled algorithm



Management of 250 OTK keywords



Development of around 60 000 new RuK keywords (longtails and full sentences) AI



Inclusion of entities (automated)



Local SEO included



Generates around 30 keywords in 90 days for top ranking (page 1)



Resistant to Google Updates (stable rankings)



Continuous crawling and indexing of customer web pages



ID (identification numbers) for each keyword and website



Mobile first optimization included



Google interface available



Identification of keywords that are no longer relevant



Automatic filtering of terms and integration of longtails to display searched keywords



Optimization processes without inclusion of backlinks



Automated YouTube Media Profile Optimization



Leading new keywords transparently presented



ATRICA does the job of SEO faster and better than humans

Small businesses

These are businesses with a limited geographical business reach, such as landscapers, dentists, restaurants and mechanics. The cost of SEO for small businesses increases if the business has a higher number of potential customers that can be reached within their geographical region.


Cost: 400 – 1,500 USD per month

Small-to-Medium businesses

Those with a niche product and/or target audience that have national reach, or even international sales potential.


Cost: 2,000 – 5,000 USD per month

Large businesses/Corporates

Those with products or services with national and/or international target markets. This is a highly competitive environment, which means entry-level cost starts at 10,000 USD and increases depending on marketing budget and appetite for risk.


Cost: 10,000 – 25,000+ USD per month

Compare this with ATRICA’s Cost of 866 USD a month. That’s it.

The High Cost of Human Error

ATRICA delivers SEO far more efficiently and effectively than humans. And it delivers the ultimate deal-breaker: Lost Potential.


By lost potential we mean the number of leads and sales your business has lost due to human fallibility.

  • Every time humans miss a change in Google’s search algorithm, you lose leads/sales.


  • Every time humans are too slow to react to changes, you lose leads/sales.


  • Every time your page drops one place down in the search page, you lose leads/sales.

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional SEO.
Because if you don’t, your competition will.

Once-off payment

Total 10.400 USD for the 12 months licence.

Monthly installments

Total 11.480 USD for the 12 months licence.


1.  Initial once-off payment 4.400 USD

2.  Monthly installments 6 x 1.180 USD. Payments begin 30 days after initial once-off payment.

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